Thursday, February 21, 2013

swevenly redux

I finally posted some of the handmade beads I've been working on. You can see items in my shop in the right hand column of this blog but the best thing to do is just go to my etsy store:

Here are some photos:

And this isn't even half of what I've made so far! I will be listing some more in the coming days and probably more tonight after posting this!

You may have noticed that my style has changed over the past few months. I haven't had this business for long but I was always hoping to find my style. I think I may have found my niche. Swevenly will be focusing more on heavily-to-completely handmade jewelry (ie. handmade beads, components, findings, etc) and also eco-friendly (green) jewelry and housewares.

Just to give you a taste of what I mean:
rolled recycled newspaper earrings

PS: currently redirects you to the Swevenly Facebook Page. If you haven't yet, please LIKE the page. I post pictures of what I'm working on and other interesting things (without spamming, of course).

What's coming up?
- April 20th (Saturday) I will be a vendor at the Vollintine-Evergreen Artwalk.
- I am applying to the Cooper-Young Farmer's Market once the applications are posted *fingers crossed*
- As a member of Indie Style Market (ISM) we are hoping to get a brick and mortar retail space / boutique. This will take many months to unfold but stay tuned to see what happens with that.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

December 2012 Pop-up Shop

It's official! Swevenly will be participating in ISM December 2012 Pop-up shop on Overton Square!

The grand opening will be December 6th.
The shop will be open Thursdays - Sundays. 
The last day will be December 23rd.

I will be selling: paintings, jewelry, knit goods (hats/caps and scarves), and baked goods.

Just an example of some of my knit items.
So come out and support locally handmade, handcrafted goods! Find gifts for everyone!

Stay tuned for more information! FOLLOW this blog (right column)

You can also follow me on Twitter but the best place to keep up to date is on the swevenly Facebook page. Click LIKE! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Been Painting for a While

I've taken a break from jewelry making for the past few weeks from and I've been painting and doing other artwork. Here are some of my paintings. As of today, they haven't been listed on my etsy shop. I'd like to get into a local art gallery.

They're all acrylic paintings on canvas except the two in the first photo, which are oil paintings.

For more, please check out my album on my Facebook page:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ACEO Artist Trading Cards as Earring Packaging

I sell a few digital collages and got this idea: I personally don't make artist trading cards (ACEOs) but I saw that the standard ACEO size was perfect for my earring packaging. So I went into GIMP (like a free/opensource Photoshop) and digitally added my store name to the cards and printed them out, hole punched the top and used a push pin for the two earring holes and VOILA! Check it out:

These items will be listed shortly! So stay tuned.
You can purchase these digital collages from my shop:
I also sell a Marie Antoinette themed ACEO digital sheet:  

Monday, August 20, 2012

Twitter, Supplies, etc.

Oh, thank God for coupons (Michael's & Hobby Lobby). I've been spending a lot of money on supplies...and using them up! I've really ramped up my jewelry making and I'm getting better by the day. My sister saw a gold chained necklace I made and modeled for her and she said it looked expensive. Thanks!

As of now, I noticed that I have two different lines. One is a gold chain line and the other is a pearly line. I think tomorrow will be spent taking photos of what I have now and finally posting some new things in my shop!

I created a Twitter page. It wont be spammy (only posting links to my store items). I want to post my thoughts, obstacles, successes, even questions. I want to network with other crafters and artists, so come check me out of Twitter.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Other Artists and Crafters in Memphis

Yesterday I was lucky enough to run across Memphis Melange Etsy Team while running a search for teams on etsy. I need to do more networking. I didn't think it would be active like a New York or L.A. group would be, but I was wrong! That's great! The admins/mods are very proactive and the members interact. That's what I am interested in. I don't see the point in joining a team or group where you could hear crickets, just to go through the motions of joining a group.

We will be having a meeting/party/brainstorming session next week and I'm pretty sure I can make it. Hope to make some great contacts and get inspired... and maybe inspire someone? Well, I am giving my old shop a facelift (ie. complete makeover) so it's not at it's full potential right now... but I'm working on it. Hopefully this weekend I can head over to the craft supply store and get more supplies, mainly beads.

Yesterday I ordered some nice looking business cards from Vistaprint. I've ordered from them before and didn't have a problem. The quality was good too. I will bring some with me to the meeting

Crafting Update
I created this beautiful set* of gold chained jewelry with peridot leaf beads. I don't know if I'll sell it as a set or as separate pieces but in all honesty, I want to keep it for myself. I love how the gold and light transparent green go together.

My younger sister agreed to model my jewelry but I will be able to do that when she's off work. I want to do it in natural sunlight, outside. Hopefully it wont be too hot!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

swevenly is here!

I've been brainstorming names for two weeks now and came up with swevenly. I think it sounds nice and I like the word sweven, which I just learned. It's an archaic word for vision or dream. So I added the -ly and made my own word out of it! Isn't it just swevenly? And I like how it rhymes with heavenly. So I came out with the motto (or tag?) "swevenly is heavenly."

I made 3 memory wire bracelets last night and two bauble charm bracelets the night before. I need to get my sister to model them for me so I can list them on etsy!

I've been working on the branding for swevenly. I am going for minimalist... like a Scandinavian feel. I came up with a simple color scheme I really like. I want it to look clean and sleek. Hopefully, others will think it memorable. But what about a logo? I need to sit down some more and come up with a simple logo. The problem with going for minimalism is that it seems so hard to come up with something that hasn't been used. Who wants to get sued? Not me!

I also created a Facebook page. There's really nothing on there just yet, but I should have listings and photos up soon. So please check it out:

And don't forget to FOLLOW this blog for updates.